Business Boot Camp

Since a fall from a train at a certain notorious station has rendered me one-armed for at least the next four weeks, I have spent some time recently considering the manner in which I might attempt to keep food in our bowls and a roof over the dog.

One cannot code with one arm. This leaves either phone sex or business boot camps as viable options, and since premium numbers are actually ridiculously difficult to get in Ireland, I’ve opted for boot camps.

Business Boot Camp is a service where you provide me with a limited amount of information about your existing site or your startup plan, and I give you very practical feedback and suggestions for:

  • Site presentation, call to action and navigation
  • Messaging and communication
  • Product definition and price point
  • Marketing strategy, online and off
  • Search engine friendliness and optimisation
  • Blogging and social media strategy

I don’t normally offer this as a stand alone service, partly because all my design and development clients get it as part of the normal package whether they want it or not, but mostly because I will kill myself before I put the word “consultant” next to my name. Most consultants I’ve encountered deliver very little value over an extensive period of time; Boot Camp is designed to give you excellent value immediately, which has to be vastly preferable.

It is important to note that whatever the To Do list we come up with for your site, it is unlikely I will be able to do it — this is not one of those marvellous website health checks designed to rope you into hiring your “doctor” for additional work. Your Boot Camp assessment will be tailored to what’s best for your business, not mine.

Creating and implementing your Boot Camp List should give you:

  • A roadmap for the direction of your online business
  • Resources and ideas for implementing that roadmap
  • Better quality Google traffic
  • A lower bounce rate and a stickier website
  • More leads and a higher conversion rate

The charge for this is an extremely reasonable €300 and you should expect to spend about two hours on the phone with me after I’ve finished rummaging through your site or your business plan. You should also expect some very frank home truths and a good sized helping of salty language.

The salty language, as always, is free.

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