Bootcamp Your Business

It's a good kind of painBusiness Boot Camp is a service where you provide me with a limited amount of information about your existing site or your startup plan, and I give you very practical feedback and suggestions for:

  • Site presentation, call to action and navigation
  • Messaging and communication
  • Product definition and price point
  • Marketing strategy, online and off
  • Search engine friendliness and optimisation
  • Blogging and social media integration

It took me a silly amount of time to offer Bootcamp as a stand alone service, partly because all my design and development clients get it with the normal package whether they want it or not, but mostly because I will kill myself before I put the word “consultant” next to my name. Most consultants I’ve encountered deliver very little value over an extensive period of time; Bootcamp is designed to give you excellent value immediately, which has to be vastly preferable.

It is important to note that whatever the To Do list we come up with for your site, it is unlikely I will be able to do it — this is not one of those crappy website “health checks” designed to rope you into hiring your doctor for additional work. Your Bootcamp assessment will be tailored to what’s best for your business, not mine.

Creating and implementing your Bootcamp List should give you:

  • A roadmap for the direction of your online business
  • Resources and ideas for implementing that roadmap
  • Better quality Google traffic
  • A lower bounce rate and a stickier website
  • More leads and a higher conversion rate

The charge for this is an extremely reasonable €300 and you should expect to spend about two hours on the phone with me after I’ve finished rummaging through your site or your business plan. You should also expect some very frank home truths and a good sized helping of salty language.

The salty language, as always, is free.

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To book your bootcamp, simply fill out the contact form and I’ll ring you back to prep you and book a time that works for both of us, normally within a day or two. It’s that simple!

Bootcamp Testimonials

Wayne Byrne,

Just finished my bootcamp session with Sabrina and my jaw is on the floor. Just a fantastic rapid fire 2 hours of what’s wrong with our site and what we need to do to fix it. She had a solution to every problem and no patience for excuses.

This will at least double our conversion rate.

If you factor in what you spend on marketing * what you lose on lost sales, this is 300 euros you literally can’t afford not to spend!

Oh, and it’s actually a LOT of fun too :)

Mick Fitzgerald,

This service is a MUST if you have a small to medium business and want to increase sales or traffic to your website. Sabrina is helping us launch a new product and her angle on how things could and should be done is so refreshing and original. And best of all she’s a pleasure to work with.

Ciara Crossan,

Clients are usually put on a 2-3 month waiting list for Sabrina, and now she is offering this incredibly practical service immediately and for 300 bucks?! Anyone thinking about starting up a web business needs to talk to this lady ASAP. She will kick your ass and you’re a fool if you don’t like it.

Conor O’Neil, Louder Voice:

I strongly recommend you all elbow your way to the front for this service.

What Sabrina did for us late last year was nothing short of miraculous, changing how we communicate who we are and what we do. In a few short months we have gone from “who are they?” to competing with the two biggest players globally in our industry for some major deals.

€300, she must be mad. Sign-up now and give her many multiples of that.

Neil Brown, ProMac Financing:

Sabrina is wonderful, she is no nonsense and gets right to the point. We all know that time is valuable and she doesn’t waste yours or hers.

Cuts through the noise and gets you into shape and just gets it done.

One of the best things that happened to us was Sabrina.