Daniel DiFiore: Hawk5721 & Lawn Boy for Moli.com

Daniel DiFiore

It seems our Moli.com friend Hawk5721 is a true Moli enthusiast. He’s been running all over the internet telling people about it:

They certainly do have customer service and help. Moli.com was very helpful indeed in tracking down the fact that Hawk5721 is actually Daniel DiFiore, Moli.com’s Director of Customer Service. This was ridiculously easy to Google up, given that he’s blogging at danieldifiore.blogspot.com with the username Hawk5721.

On his Moli profile, Dan is generous enough to offer his services as a consultant. It seems he’s worked with fairly notable clients like, err, the Rhode Island Film Collaborative.

On whose website he’s also astroturfed for Moli.com. Natch.

The guy’s got stamina, I’ll give him that. Unfortunately, since he hasn’t quite come to grips with that Moli.com “split channels between personal and business personae” Unique $30m Selling Point, we get to see just how much stamina he has, especially when it comes to doing Jello shots.*

Still, it was great to be able to track him down so easily on Moli.com. This whole social networking thing is awesome!

*Update: That image seems to have been removed from Dan’s photo album. No worries; I have a copy.

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