Robert Scoble is Naughty


I can’t believe I’m letting myself get sidetracked into this stupid shagging topic, but honestly, the endless debate around Facebook vs. Scoble is really irritating me.

Robert Scoble is a very nice man who was very mistaken when he scraped all of his friends’ data off of Facebook. His excuse is that we all agreed to him having our data when we made friends with him on Facebook.

Umm, no.

When I signed up for Facebook, I gave Facebook my data. When I let Scoble friend me, I gave Scoble access to my data. I didn’t give Scoble my data.

In fact, one reason I thought Facebook was fairly unobjectionable in the hierarchy of social networks is that they obscufate my email address. Since I have never put any effort into mining other people’s information, I actually thought my email address on Facebook couldn’t be scraped.

Boy, was I dumb. But not as dumb as Robert Scoble.